People who turn to HOLISTIC HEALING (usually herbal remedies or other natural therapies) have typically come to their proverbial "rope's end". They have exhausted themselves, their families, their doctors and their finances searching for cures. Whether their concern began with body, mind or spirit...all are affected. They finally think: "what do I have to lose?". They are grasping for hope.

I've heard and seen that story many times. In fact, it was an unresolved health issue that led me to try herbal remedies over 20 years ago. It worked! As a Registered Nurse, I had to know more and began learning all I could about holistic healing. I began studying other complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) options and most importantly, the BIBLE. I found there was hope beyond conventional medicine! :)

Not long afterward, my husband had a health crisis of his own. I sought the wisdom of my mentor. Again, plants that God gave us came to the rescue. Now, he was hooked! I not only had a life partner, but a health partner.

The journey has been exciting: always learning, always offering hope to family...friends...clients. We have had the privilege of partnering with many as they achieved health of body,mind & spirit...naturally.

Is today YOUR day to start a journey to HEALTH and HOPE?


God's Word tells us that his people perish for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)
My prayer is that what you find here is hope, knowledge of herbal remedies
and holistic healing: healing of body, mind and spirit.


Herbal Remedies Online Counseling
Herbal remedies online counseling is offered by a nurse consultant and pastoral counselor.
Health Assessment
Take a self-assessment of your health and be guided to appropriate herbal remedies.
There's An Herb for That!
There's An Herb for That! A registered nurse and natural heatlh consultant shares her favorite herbs and practical uses from the kitchen to the sick room.
Natures Sunshine
Natures Sunshine website where you can order top quality herbal remedies and essential oils wholesale, and even start your own business! Use Sponsor #322441.
Aromatherapy: a HUGE complement to Holistic Healing
Aromatherapy is NOT just about good smells! Proper use of quality essential oils, alone or with other natural cures, or conventional treatments can result in holistic healing.
Raindrop Massage
Raindrop technique is a light touch, aromatherapy massage that can be an integral part of holistic healing .
Iridology: An Iridologist for over 15 years discusses the practical scientific study of the iris .
Hope for ADD-ADHD: Natural Solutions
ADD-ADHD: is rampant today. Jerry & Carla can help you form a plan integrating natural solutions.
Holistic healing describes the story of one young man who received relief from the chronic, debilitating pain of RSD.
Natural Remedies for Emotional support
A guest contributor discusses new products for emotional support.
Natural help for headaches
A discussion of various causes of headaches and ideas for natural remedies .
Herbal Remedies for Insomnia
Herbal remedies are a safe and effective aid to sleep for many who are concerned about the safety of medication.
Liver Health
A discussion of the importance of liver health and suggestions of herbal remedies to keep it healthy or return it to health.
Natural Pet Cures
Natural pet cures are offered for your dog, cat, even horse...and links where you can purchase the natural remedies.
Natural alternatives, or: changing your medicine cabinet to natural
A registered nurse shares her favorite natural alternatives to drugs, herbal remedies which can be used to change your medicine cabinet to natural.
To Vaccinate...or NOT to Vaccinate?
To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate...A registered nurse shares her thoughts on this controversial subject and points the reader to credible research.
Essential oils: Recipe
A guest contributtor offers an essential oils recipe for healing scars.
Malachi's Story
Malachi's story is one about a vaccination accident; how a flu shot almost killed a small child and left him with severe autism.
Tragedy to Joy...
One young lady tells her tragedy to joy story of healing of body, mind and spirit following a near fatal accident .
Felon Forgiven
A police officer finds peace in offering fogiveness to a felon who almost took her life.
The Lord is my Shepherd
A nurse/mom shares a year of family crises and how knowing "the Lord is my shepherd" sustained, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Bible lessons: Do You Want to be Well?
A registered nurse explores Bible lessons that relate to health as well as today's science and practical application.
A Scriptural & Scientific Basis for Linen
A guest contributer discusses health benefits of linen cloth used in scripture
Our Favorite Books
Our favorite books are recommened for those who want to explore health from the Bible as well as complementary/alternative and medical viewpoints.
Our Favorite Links
Our favorite links connect you to professionals that we trust personally and recommend to our family and clients.
What about Reiki?
Reiki can be a practice of concern among Christians; A Christian nurse shares her thoughts.
How my website came to be and how YOU can build your own website.
Contact us
Contact us:questions answered by a registered nurse or pastoral counselor regarding herbal remedies/ holistic healing.
De - Stress before you Distress
Top Ten ways to relieve stress in your life and health conditions you may be avoiding by De-stressing.
A discussion of healthy life habits with an emphasis on essential nutrients.
Holistic Healing Blog
The Holistic Healing Blog keeps you up to date with all additions and changes to Harts Desire Health web site. Subscribe here.

Kind Words

...and it's nice that you're one of them! R&P

Hello Jerry & Carla,March 31, 2005--7 years ago the "volleyball" in my belly was removed. Thanks for all your help in my having life the last seven years. Of course, the Lord is the giver of life. Thanks. Love, CB

Thank you so much for your time...Your expertise is clear and I am looking forward to spending some time with you in the future. JP


I want to thank you for leading the workshop...I really felt the program and everything was successful. I really enjoyed your presentation ...I look forward to working with you again in the future. LS
(presentation on "Healing Oils of the Bible" to a Christian men's conference.)

Like to say thank you for your thoughtfulness, both of you are special & we appreciate everything you do for us. God brings blessings into our lifes and you are 2 of them. Love, C&G
(From a client diagnosed with fibromyalgia. On Mother's Day, she was bedridden...the next Mother's day she was playing "frisbee" with her grandchildren!)