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Essential oils Recipe

1. Scar-B-Gone Recipe ~^~ by Nancy Sanderson*

Here is a formula that I made up and it has done wonders for scars. Read the testimonies below of those who have used it.


10 drops Helichrysum Oil
6 drops Lavender Oil
8 drops Lemongrass Oil
4 drops Patchouly Oil
5 drops Myrrh Oil
. . . mixed with 1 oz. V-6.

(These oils may be found at: )


I made this blend for a little 3 year old girl who had fallen out of bed and scraped her forearm just below the elbow. The scrape enlarged until her parents had to take her to a doctor. They found out that it was staph infection she had gotten at the time of birth in the hospital. Antibiotics didn't help so they had to go in and scrape the bone before it would heal. From doing that it caused a lot of scar tissue and she could not bend her arm without crying out in pain.

Her dad asked me what could help her and I told him I would do some research and see if I could come up with something. I went home and studied my books and notes from Gary's classes and came up with this blend. After a week of using this blend I asked him how she was doing and he started to cry, "Thank you, Thank you, she can run and play without hurting her arm now."

Four years ago I was doing a winter fair and some teenage girls stopped by my booth and this one gal had horrible scar tissue on her neck, chest and on her forehead. She had surgery and the scars grew. I told her about this blend and made it up and gave it to her asking her to let me know if it worked.

I never did hear from her until the next spring. When doing the winter fair again these two girls stopped by the booth and I overheard one gal say, "These are the oils I was telling you about.

I asked her what she knew about Young Living and she said, "Do you remember giving my friend some oil for her scars?" I perked right up and said, "Yes, how is she doing?" "Great," she replied, "She used the oil blend you gave and all her scars are gone. It's like she never had them. WOW!!!!!"


Dear Nancy,

I want to thank you for the scar tissue dissolving formula. I tried it on my husband. He has scars on his chest from bad teenage acne. With two applications, the scarring substantially went down.

Then I had two granddaughters come to visit. Both had really bad diaper rash after having the flu. Nothing else was working but then I felt impressed to use the same formula on their diaper rash. Within 1 day their diaper rash was considerably healed. Now four days later, the rash is gone. I also used Immupower on the bottoms of their feet and R.C. and Raven on their chests for their cold symptoms. Both girls are much better.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you share with us. Sincerely, Connie Post


Hi, Nancy,

I think the scar formula is helping! This is REALLY fun. I have been using it 2 weeks 3x a day and my Mom has been using 1 week. There's still a long ways to go but we are both seeing improvement, with newer scars improving fastest. They seem to dissolve from underneath, flattening out and becoming a little more diffuse around the edges. Amazing.

I also notice that if I rub the formula around my raggedy cuticles at night it seems like it is dissolving them. It also helped the tips of my fingers where I had painful splitting and cracking heal up right away.

Thanks, Deb

* NOTE: Nancy Sanderson lives in Wyoming and is D. Gary Young's sister. She has been a Young Living Distributor since 1995. She is a Young Living Diamond.


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