Natural Help for Headaches

Headaches: I was told by a renowned herbalist one time, that he would rather work with a patient with cancer than a patient with this problem, because the cause of cancer is easier to figure out and work with.

He had that opinion perhaps because this is the most common of all health complaints. And almost every health condition can have it as a symptom.

It is just that: a symptom of an underlying condition and not a disease itself.

Most people have suffered from a short term occasional headache. Usually these types are caused by: tension, nerves, stress, lack of sleep, too much of a stimulant (such as caffeine) pulled muscles of the neck, misalignment of a vertebra, strained eyes, virus or bacteria, mineral deficiencies, and injury or hormone imbalances.

Many times a natural pain reliever such as: APS II, Tei Fu (topically) or feverfew has been taken by many searching for relief from a Nonrecurring headache.
If, however, you have frequent or rhythmic headaches, they may only permanently be relieved by working on the source. There are five main categories of origins.

1. Toxins

Toxins include dietary, environmental, as well as autointoxication. Autointoxication is a condition in which one or more eliminating systems are not purging waste efficiently and completely. This becomes a poisonous build up that starts to act against or causes the immune system to act against the body.
Many people have received pain relief after they have improved the elimination of their bowel, skin, respiratory and/or urinary systems.
Our food suppliers have laced our foods with poisonous chemicals to improve shelf life and to make it look or taste more appealing.

Some people's systems are clean and strong enough to adjust to these poisons. The poisons are still doing damage, strong individuals are just capable of withstanding the damage without producing a strong reaction.

Some of the worst offenders among food additives are: Nutra Sweet (aspartame), MSG (monosodium glutamate - MSG may be listed as natural flavorings or natural flavor enhancers), aluminum, nitrates (found in hot dogs and processed meats), hormones that are injected into our beef, poultry and pork. Food preservatives and food colorings.

2. Misalignment or Imbalance

Going to a good chiropractor or cranialmandibular manipulator is the best way of determining a misalignment of either the spine or the tempromandibular joint commonly called TMJ - (pain, cracking or clicking in jaw joint caused by misalignment of teeth or bite). Misalignment of the Vertebra in the neck can put pressure on a nerve and cause headaches.
A massage therapist or chiropractor can advise you on the best course of action for the problem.
Imbalances can be hormonal stemming from the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, gonadals (ovaries or testes), adrenals or pancreas. Many times hormonal imbalances include more than one gland. Many herbalists suggest supporting all the glands while targeting on a gland that seems to be really weak or stressed I suggest using Mastergland as that base. To help determine which gland may be contributing to a headache look at accompanying symptoms and suggestions: (This assessment should be with the assistance of a competent health professional - It is unsafe and unwise to do it on your own.)

Pineal - Insomnia, SAD (seasonal acquired depression). Wood Betony or Alfalfa helps nourish.

Pituitary - Obesity, high blood pressure, buffalo back (fat deposit on the upper back). I would take Alfalfa.

Parathyroid - an imbalance of phosphorus and calcium. The Amino acid L-Arginine.

Thyroid - thinning hair or change in hair texture, unexplained weight gain or loss, lack-of or nervous energy. Craving salty foods. I personally would take Thyroid Activator (KC-X) for my thyroid disease, others have taken Target TS II, Target TSII with hops or Kelp.

Thymus - Reacting to chemicals in an unexpected manner, such as drinking caffeine and then being able to sleep easily. Taking a medicine that is to sedate or make drowsy and you become energetic or nervous. Anyone who concentrates better on Ritalin I would nutritionally support their thymus. Thim-J, Spirulina or Bee Pollen.

Pancreas - Many times if you crave sweets, wake up with a headache, have mood swings, depression, weakness and grouchiness if skipped meals I would suspect hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Some people have reported great results taking any of the following: GTF Chromium (not chromium picolinate which study shows contributes to diabetes) in addition to one or more of HY-A, HY-C, Potassium, Licorice root (licorice root should be taken only under the guidance from someone who is educated in Herbology) or Pantothenic acid (B-5).

Adrenals - Lack of energy anytime possibly wanting to stay awake late at night and sleeping in late in the mornings. What nourishes the Adrenals also nourish the Pancreas (see previous paragraph).

Gonadals - Mood swings, irritability, menstruation problems, pain in the glands.
For Males: Men's formula, Saw Palmetto, Sarsaparilla and zinc
For Females: FCSII, FC with Dong quai or NF-X. I would also consider the connection between gonadal health and the liver.

An imbalance of Acidophilus and Yeast in the body can allow yeast to overpopulate or invade parts of the body such as the nervous system or the brain which can cause, among other things, headaches. For more information about balancing the yeast in your system read the book THE YEAST CONNECTION by Dr. Crook.

An imbalance in blood pressure can cause headaches. It is a good idea to get your blood pressure tested and if it is high, I suggest you take the medication prescribed by a competent doctor in conjunction with an herbal regimen. Herbs work too slowly and you could have health complications.

There is a study that indicates that at least 85% of all high blood pressure is attributed to a Potassium deficiency.

Mega-chel, stress management and balancing the rest of the body also may help in normalizing blood pressure.

3. Allergies

If you suspect that your headaches are caused by an allergy, you should keep a journal. Record where you have been and what you have eaten, smelled or inhaled to help to narrow down what is causing the headache.

Allergies themselves are a symptom often caused by toxic levels or deficiencies.
Environmental allergens such as: Chemicals from carpets and furniture, perfumes, dust, mold, dander, freon gas from air conditioners, pain and detergents, radiation, bacteria, viruses, fumigants (bug sprays), cleaning products, or smoke can give some sensitive people headaches. Isolating and avoiding these allergens are important but so is detoxifying the body which may be a more permanent solution.
Food allergies are usually caused by toxin overload already in the body as well as deficiencies.

PH Imbalance:
A pH imbalance can rob the body of minerals such as calcium which deficiency can cause headaches. I suggest going on an acid/alkaline balanced diet. I would also take SKL to help provide the minerals the pH imbalance has robbed from the body.

4. Deficiencies

Deficiencies can be caused by poor digestion, malabsorption or non-ingesting of needed nutrients. The body can produce and convert many vitamins, nutrients and amino acids some, however, need to be consumed. Deficiencies that do not fall under allergy producing deficiencies yet can cause headaches are: Vitamins B-6, B-3 and E Amino acids L-Tryptophan and L-Ornithine, and Minerals Zinc, Iron, Choline, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Lecithin and Cholesterol. Another deficiency is a lack of oxygen getting to the brain, either because of the other factors or because of build up of the arteries by cholesterol or inorganic minerals or poor circulation because of weakness of the heart.
If I suspected not enought oxygen to the brain (possible symptoms might include: Poor memory,mental fatigue or dizziness). I would research the folowing supplements: Mega-chel, blessed thistle, Gotu Kola/Ginkgo combination and I-X.

5. Stress

Long term stress can cause muscles to stay in a contracted state. This can restrict blood vessels or cause poor circulation or put pressure on a nerve.

When we are stressed, we often alter our breathing which can cause a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Stress also causes the body to produce acid which can aggravate a low sodium and calcium level in the body.

Many of us ignore stress or hold onto stress which can cause headaches as well as affecting the whole body. exercising vigorously, expressing you emotions and frustrations and medication can help you live with stress. I suggest if you headaches are chronic that you get those possibilities ruled out.


A special thanks to Meisse's Herbs and Healing Arts, Springfield, Ohio, for this information.

"Raindrop massage", using therapeutic essential oils may help to: detoxify the body, relax the muscles and gently let the spine come into alignment.
Many herbal remedies are also helpful for stress. My personal favorite is Passion Flower. My Mentor likes Nutricalm. B-compex helps many as does Valerian root. These may all be researched and purchased at: Natures Sunshine Products. You can also take a self-assessment on that site.

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